Are you ready for some sexy cartoon action? You’ve probably come across cartoons like the ones based on classic Hollywood stars like Lena Horne, Katharine Hepburn, and Betty Grable. And while you’re probably wondering if they’re safe for your children, the fact is that they’re actually quite sexy. But if you want to watch a cartoon that’s rated PG-13 or PG, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re looking for some of the most sexy cartoon characters, look no further than the Simpson family. These cartoon characters are surprisingly sexy, especially Marge, the straight-and-narrow member of the Simpson family. She even made an appearance in Playboy magazine, and Hugh Hefner listed her as one of his Playmates. Her blue hair, yellow skin, and lispy canine make her a hot damsel in distress and a sexy character.

Jessica Rabbit is one of the sexiest female cartoon characters.

Jessica Rabbit has long red hair, dazzling green eyes, and beautiful skin. If you want to get a little playful, you can watch Jessica Rabbit. She has long legs and flawless skin. And who wouldn’t want to watch her? There’s so much to like about her! This girl is a must-see for any fan of cartoons.

Betty Boop is another highly sexy cartoon. She debuted in the 1930s, before the Marilyn movie. Some even consider her the first cartoon character to be sexy! Betty Boop’s signature move has even been stolen by Marilyn Monroe. Jean-Paul Sartre even searched for Betty Boop movies in Paris. She was an inspiration to many sexy cartoons! And she’s still an icon today.

Wonder Woman is another sexy character. A red top and a tiara hold her wild black hair in place. But she’s more than a pretty face – she comes from royalty and has an invisible jet. She was originally introduced to comic books in 1941 and is now a 21st century cartoon. If Wonder Woman is any indication, she’s a hot character! This superhero has many fans who can’t resist watching her show.

Erotica Jones is another popular sexy cartoon character. Erotica Jones, voiced by Pamela Anderson, is a stripper with superpowers. She can use her hair as a parachute and expand her breasts rapidly. And she’s a master of martial arts. She’s definitely a hot girl! And she looks sexy, too! You’ll never get bored of her.